It's banking, but nicer

We started more than fifty years ago as a family of industry credit unions providing financial services to employees. Now we focus on looking after our members and their families.

Unlike the big banks we're 100% owned by our members, not by shareholders... and we reinvest all profits back into providing better interest rates for our members, better tools and better service.


A dedicated high-interest account to help kids save

Deposit $5 per month (pocket money!) without a withdrawal to earn 5.55% p.a. interest on balances up to $5,555. 

Kids Bonus Saver

Simple home loans

Simple loans for purchasing and refinancing properties... without attached offset, credit card or rewards program, from 5.99% pa (interest and comparison rate) for LVRs of 60% or less. 


Complete Package home loans

Like our Simple home loans but also with attached 100% offset accounts, optional fee-free and low-rate Visa credit cards and Environmental Rewards... for a slightly higher interest rate and a $375 annual fee.

Why does everything seem so expensive?

Dr Steve's video hints on things you can do to keep control over your rising costs of living.