DIY digital banking

Online banking

Log into internet banking on your computer to see your account balances and bank statements, to transfer money, pay bills or manage your budget. Or if you're out of the house (or just too comfy on the couch) you can do it all on your phone with the First Option banking app for Apple or Android, downloadable where you get all your mobile apps.

Digital wallets

Don't always carry cards with you? That doesn't mean you can't still pay for taxi home if you get stuck, or buy coffees when you bump into a mate if you've only got your mobile with you. Your First Option Visa cards are compatible with Apple and Google digital wallets for your phone or smart watch. 


State-of-the-art digital banking tools included with your membership


Better than BSB and Account ID! Send and receive money by your mobile number or email address


Pay bills online


Almost-instant electronic transfers


Easy new way to pre‑authorise payments from bank accounts

Visa cards

Pay for purchases and access cash 

  • Perfect for online or in-store shopping
  • Made in Australia from 82% recycled plastic
  • Integrates into digital wallets on mobile
  • Access cash across Australia fee-free at any of the Big Four Bank's ATMs
  • Use overseas for purchases and cash withdrawals
  • Change your PIN or lock your card 24/7 with the mobile app
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