Our essential set of everyday banking accounts 


A dedicated account for your income. Set up regular payments, pay bills and transfer money to other accounts and people. Includes a linked Visa debit card with free withdrawals through any of the major banks' ATMs. Internet banking and mobile app access is included with a range of electronic payment options.


Use it to establish your monthly budget and manage your money to cover all your bills and regular costs. Tools and automatic alerts are included to help you keep track of your finances.


Dedicated savings account to help you reach short-term goals and grow your savings month by month. Pair it with a bonus interest or term deposit account to plan well for your future.


Government Guarantee

Deposits in First Option Bank savings and investment accounts are insured by the Australian Government Financial Claims Scheme – up to a total of $250,000 per member. This provides you exactly the same protection as you would get from the major banks. Read more about the Deposit Guarantee.

Bonus interest earning bank accounts


At the end of the month move what's left in your other accounts into your Savings account (2% p.a. interest) and if that's $100 or more and you make no withdrawals... you qualify for 3.00% p.a. +Bonus interest up to a $250,000 balance. That means you can now earn 5.00% p.a. interest on your regular, at call, savings account.

Kids' Account

Dedicated account for under-18s. Deposit just $5 per month without making a withdrawal to earn bonus interest on the balance, up to 5.55%p.a.!