Our 'Essentials Account Package' that works

Our PAY, BILLS & SAVE structure encourages disciplined money management


The Pay Account

 - One dedicated account for your pay

 - Set up transfers to cover bills

 - Set up transfers to save money


The Bills Account

 - One dedicated account for bills

 - Establish a monthly budget for bills 

 - Have all bills come out of this account


The Save Account

 - One dedicated for savings

 - Set yourself short terms goals

 - Intentionally grow your monthly savings

We also offer BONUS Interest Accounts.


Adult Bonus Saver

 - Deposit at least $100 per month 

 - Make no withdrawals each month

 - Earn an additional bonus interest rate 


Kids Bonus Saver

 - Deposit at least $25.00 per month 

 - Make no withdrawals each month 

 - Earn an additional bonus interest rate

For even higher interest, go for a fixed TERM DEPOSIT Account.


Fixed Term Deposit Range 

 - Terms from 3 - 24 months available
 - Interest paid at maturity
 - Monthly interest payment options also available

Importantly, we offer everything you need.

Great Value

 - No monthly fees on most accounts

 - No minimums on most accounts

 - Your funds available at call anytime

 - Competitive interest rates

Access Anywhere

 - Visa Debit Card

 - Mobile Banking App

 - Desktop Banking Platform

 - Apple, Google & Samsung Pay

Access Anytime

 - Direct debits & Credits

 - Periodical Payments

 - BPAY & Osko

 - Pay ID


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Government Guarantee

Deposits in First Option Bank savings and investment accounts are insured by the Australian Government Financial Claims Scheme – up to a total of $250,000 per member. This provides you exactly the same protection as you would get from the major banks. Read more about the Deposit Guarantee.

Personal Confidentiality

First Option Bank keeps all non public personal information about members private and secure and employees who have a specific business purpose for using the information are only allowed to access it. 

Fraud Protection

Our advanced security systems provide members with 24/7 monitoring of card and other transactions / account actions and look for activity that is out of the ordinary. At that point our systems will step in to protect your accounts from harm until such time that we can confirm with you that either all is ok – or you confirm unauthorised activity.

Secure Messaging

The messaging system with First Option Bank Internet Banking Platform is 100% secure and we remove all sensitive data before we reply. 

Let's connect to discuss your needs.