Better banking tools to manage your money


When you get paid your money goes in here and you move what you expect your bills to cost into your Bills account ... what's still in your Spend account is what you can can spend.


The place to put the money for your expected costs each month. Set-up direct debits (or PayTos) from here or use BPay to pay the bills when they roll on in. Secure banking tools and automatic alerts are included to help you keep track of ins and outs.


At the end of the month move what's left in your other accounts into your Savings account (2% p.a. interest) and if that's $100 or more and you make no withdrawals... you qualify for 3% p.a. +Bonus interest up to a $250,000 balance. That means you can now earn 5.00% p.a. interest on your regular, at call, savings account.

Your tools for better banking

A First Option membership automatically includes a suite of accounts and online banking tools to help you better manage your money. Dr Steve explains the concept of using bank accounts as 'buckets' to help you get your head around where your money goes.


Visa debit and credit cards

Pay for purchases and access your cash

  • Perfect for in-store and online shopping
  • Integrate into digital wallets on mobile devices
  • Access cash across Australia, fee-free, at any of the Big Four Bank's ATMs
  • Change your PIN or lock your cards (24/7) in the app
  • Use your Visa debit and credit cards overseas for purchases and cash withdrawals
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