Environmental Rewards Update

Our friends in the Carbon Landscapes team have been taking a roll-call of the native species living happily on the land at Talopea Downs, the biodiversity sanctuary First Option supports directly with our Environmental Rewards credit card program. 

Some of the species at Talopea Downs are already gone from nearby Wyperfeld National Park. These include one recent discovery, Rosenbergs Goanna which is formally classified as ‘threatened’, as well as seriously cute critters like the Little Pygmy Possum and the one with the coolest name: Burton’s Legless Lizard.

See if you can match the photos with the names….

Little Pygmy Possum, Stumpy-tailed Lizard, Painted Dragon, Mallee Dragon, Eastern Stone Gecko, Grey’s Skink, Obscure Skink, Eastern Large Striped Skink, Burton’s Legless Lizard, and Mallee Spadefoot Toad, Mallee Fowl