Seven simple steps to better banking security

Be mindful. It’s a sad fact that there are people out there who would rather steal than earn their money. Your bank is highly aware of the ever-evolving tricks and techniques they use to access your accounts pretending to be you in order to steal your money. Your best defence is to always be aware and keep your confidential banking details confidential.

These seven simple steps below will help keep your accounts secure with your money safe and sound inside.

Never click on a link in an email to get to your internet banking

Don’t give your security password over the phone unless you’re certain it’s a First Option team member on the line. If you have any doubts at all about who you’re talking to, hang up and call us back on 1300 855 675

An unsolicited phone call from someone requesting to log in remotely to your computer is a flashing red DANGER sign. Hang up immediately.

If you find your mobile number unexpectedly disconnected it may have been ‘ported’ so that hackers can access your bank accounts, call your mobile service provider from another phone and check on your number

Don’t save your banking passwords in your internet browser, or write them down

If you need to provide bank account details to someone, only provide your BSB, Account Number, Account Name, and Bank Name (First Option Bank Limited). Never, ever provide your internet banking login, PIN or password to anyone!

When shopping online, only provide your credit cards details to reputable stores and don’t provide credit card details to sites claiming to offer free trials.