Telopea Downs, native wildlife sanctuary

It’s been a massive few months for our favourite environmental project!

A super-happy Dr Steve was on-site at Telopea Downs when the team successfully re-opened an old bore to soon fill a water hole for native birds inside the wildlife sanctuary, and to provide water for new on-site visitor facilities. 

The Carbon Landscapes crew also completed projects to replace perimeter fences and firebreaks, establish access tracks and start building wildlife protective fencing around where the water hole will be to keep non-native animals (including introduced predators) away from native birds.

2023 highlights

  • 4.8km of boundary fencing replaced and upgraded
  • 14km of boundary tracks reopened
  • Vermin eradication groups established
  • Zoos Victoria completed their Year 2 critical report with extremely positive results
  • Environmental water source re-established (bore)

2024 projects

  • Permanent water hole to encourage native birds
  • Solar-powered pump to provide fresh water from the bore
  • Toilet and shower facilities for visitors
  • 1 hectare of water sanctuary fencing
  • 1km water flow extension to the endangered patch of Greenleaf Mallee¬†trees

It’s so rewarding to see amazing environmental projects that we love and support through our Environmental Rewards program evolving like they are. Soon there will be a water hole for wildlife, fully fenced to ensure only native species are in the sanctuary and new visitor infrastructure so that First Option members can visit to do some birdwatching…. or even help-out, hands-on with some environmental project work!

Read more about Carbon Landscape’s work at Telopea Downs on their website: Telopea Downs Nature Haven Project – Carbon Landscapes