Environmental Rewards

We believe as strongly as many of you do that change can be led by businesses when governments act too slowly and we love working with like-minded organisations who just do good work without making a big fuss... so we set-up this program in the same spirit.

The model is super simple: when you spend money using your First Option Low-Rate Visa credit card you contribute directly to funding positive change programs that our partners run. We keep a track of spending and contribute the funds directly to them as a percentage (0.25%) of what our members spend each month using your Visa credit cards. We'll send you a personalised statement at the end of the financial year so you will know your contribution.

There are no extra costs, fees or charges to be part of our Environmental Rewards program. And if you want to increase your contribution... just choose to use your First Option Visa credit card when you spend money.

If you don’t have a First Option Low-Rate Visa credit card yet: you can easily apply online ...

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Interest free period up to 45 days
Annual fee just $48 per year

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First Option has ‘adopted’ this beautiful little bird and is working with Carbon Landscapes to reintroduce the Mallee Emu-Wren into protected habitats to ensure it thrives.

The Mallee Emu-Wren was once widespread throughout Victoria’s mallee regions, but their numbers have been decimated by land clearing and bushfires. Weighing just 4 grams, the little Mallee Emu-Wen is not a strong flier and is particularly vulnerable. Unable to cross large, open areas, the species has disappeared from large parts of its former range in Victoria.

Zoos Victoria estimates there are between 7,500 and 35,500 birds left in the wild, placing the species in the endangered category.


With support from First Option Bank, more than 800 hectares of private mallee woodland is now being managed for conservation as part of an innovative plan to protect some of the country’s most endangered native wildlife species.

As co-directors of Carbon Landscapes Chris Pitfield and Dr Steve Enticott are are at the forefront of a dynamic private enterprise approach to biodiversity conservation in Australia; pairing partners directly with expert environmental managers from highly respected organisations like Zoos Victoria, Odonata and Deakin University to get straight to the real work of providing safe havens for endangered native species. 

As custodians of the habitat, Carbon Landscapes work with some of the country’s foremost scientific experts to remove introduced predator species, manage the habitat to the needs of the species and re-establish their populations.

Carbon Landscapes