Thirteen things you can do to stay safe online

Be careful in any interaction you did not initiate

Be extra careful if you get the sense you’re being rushed

Be exceptionally careful if sending money to someone: double-check their account information, call the person you’re paying to confirm their bank details and send smaller amounts (using PayID) rather than a single large transaction

Dr Steve’s ‘Three Be’s
  1. Change your PINs and passwords, especially if you’ve been advised of an increased risk such as with the recent Optus hack.
  2. Install free, reputable security software such as Avast on your computer and mobile phone.
  3. Set-up account alerts to receive real-time SMS updates for any transaction on your First Option accounts.
  4. Switch to using PayID for payments, because you can confirm details of the person you’re paying before you send money.
  5. Lock your Visa cards when you’re not using them (‘Manage Cards’ in the First Option mobile app).
  6. Know how to lock your internet banking account, immediately: just enter an incorrect password three times with your member login details on the First Option internet banking login screen.
  7. Frequently check recent transactions in internet or mobile banking.
  8. Take control – when someone contacts you requiring confidential information, tell them you’ll call them back and hang up. Look up the phone number and call back yourself.  
  9. Set-up secondary identification for verification in case your driving licence and passport are compromised.
  10. Check devices registered to use the mobile app under ‘Settings’ then ‘Manage Devices’…. and remove any out-of-date ones.
  11. Reduce your daily transaction limits if higher amounts are not needed (you will need to contact our Member Services Team during business hours).
  12. Read up on scams, phishing, porting and hacking on Scamwatch, the Australian government’s excellent online resource.
  13. Consider setting up protection on your credit profile with Equifax so if anyone who has stolen your ID tries to apply for a credit card or a loan in your name, you will be alerted.